Pulsepro® Pulse / Serge Suppressor

Pulsepro® Pulse / Surge Suppressor / Pulsation Dampener

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  • All Plastic design GFPP, PVDF, PTFE
  • Easy to install-Plug and Play
  • No Pre-Charging Required
  • Light Weight
  • Corrosion Resistant inside/Outside
  • Long Lasting Heavy Duty Diaphragm
  • Self-Adapting Technology-Constantly reacting to hydraulic demands
  • Reduce damaging effects of water hammer
  • Small footprint
  • In Line Design
  • Easy to Size-No Preloading Required
  • Self-Adapting-up to 90% + Reduction in Pressure Spikes
  • Suitable for viscous liquids
  • Reduces Vibration-Longer Lasting Fittings, Valves, Sensors
  • Provides constant output-required for flow meters, pressure gauges, etc

Product Description

The new Pulsepro® Series Surge Suppressor/Pulsation Dampener are built tough and designed to operate flawlessly in the most demanding of industrial environments

Pulsepro® offers a new air feed/bleed techology that is self-adaptive…ever adjust spacing to the changing environment found within a pressurized piping system.

The Pulsepro® is designed to minimize the harmful hydraulic shocks caused by volumetric air diaphragm pumps, water hammer, metering/ dosing pumps.

The Pulsepro® is maintenance free and the active diaphragm-plunger requires no preloading or tuning…the Pulsepro responds immediately to dampen any shocks or hammer that may suddenly occur.
Pulsepro Data Sheet

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